Venturi Submersible Jet Spray Aerator

Model NO.
Transport Package
Plywood Case
Rotational speed: 2900r/min
Qingdao, China
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Submersible Jet Aerator
YMSA type submersible jet flow aeration used in sewage treatment plant aeration pond, aeration grit chamber, make the sewage and sludge mixed liquor oxygenate mix , biological treatment  sewage or Breeding pond increasing oxygen , air inflow is 10-400m3/h. increase oxygen capacity is 0.37-24kg/h, motor power is 0.75-22kw,can separate use or combine use.
2,Work principle: 
This aerator is consists of submersible pump, jet device, air diffuser, air suction pipe and tube five parts., blend with advanced scattered flow technology  based on the traditional jet mechanism using jet aeration way,  adopting jet aeration.  When operation, water pump impeller high speed revolve in the driven of submersible motor, which will form jet flow by pushing the muddy water into jet device, produce negative pressure zone around jet device,  inhale the air into jet flow nozzle negative pressure zone by air suction pipe, make air ,water and mud fully mixed in the piping of jet device, make the jet flow kinetic energy gradually transform into pressure energy by diffusion tube of jet device. air,water and mud mixture make further mix in the air diffuser, compel air continue shear ,smash and emulsify, ensure vast majority of oxygen fully dissolved into water. At the same time, in the action of jet flow fluid pressure, jet flow carry oxygen molecule and micro bubble, tilt down eject out and diffuse from nozzle of air diffuser, after forming impact and stir to water and bottom sludge of biochemical pond, it will ascend to water surface slowly from pond bottom, the micro bubble will keel above 30 seconds in the water, make the oxygen fully dissolved and absorb, improve the oxygen transfer efficiency and oxygenate ability.
Jet in high speed progress within the distributor, in the role of high-speed, high velocity, make jet with strong penetration, the tiny bubbles in the water, enhance stirring, travel far pushing flow and increasing oxygen ability.
High effective dissolved oxygen:
Unique design, making the inhaled air uniform mixing with muddy water, generate small and large quantity bubbles, with high dissolved oxygen rate. Oxygen transfer efficiency as high as 30%, increase 35% compare with traditional blast aeration.
Fully stirring:
High speed rotating air , water and mud mixture (i.e. activated sludge)  with strong penetration, make the oxygen with high transfer efficient in water , and achieve well stirring effect,  keep activated sludge suspension condition, at the same time, owing to the strong stir mixing push flow function, increase the volume utilization rate of aeration tank.
 Structure compact, small area occupy, convenient installation; except air inlet, the other parts submerge into water, small noise, inhale more air, produce more thin bubble, dissolved oxygen rate; no need supply air source, save air blower, small project investment; adopt international advanced  submersible sewage pump design technique, impeller flow pass adopt non Clogging, operation safe and reliable.
4,Technical Parameters

Model YMSA-0.75 YMSA-1.5 YMSA-2.2 YMSA-3 YMSA-4 YMSA-5.5 YMSA-7.5
Power(KW) 0.75 1.5 2.2 3 4 5.5 7.5  
Rated current (A) 2.9 4 5 6.4 8.2 12.4 16.3  
Rated voltage(V) 380  
rotational speed (r/min) 2900 1470  
Frequency(HZ) 50  
Insulation grade  F grade  
Air inflow (m3/h) 10 22 35 50 75 85 100  
filling oxygen (kgO2/h) (m3/h) 0.37 1.0 1.8 2.75 3.8 5.3 8.2  
Inlet pipe diameter(mm)  32 32 50 50 50 60 50  
Stating:  the chart air inflow and filling oxygen is in standard test condition (20ºC water temperature, air pressure101.325KPa), aerator diving depth is 3m, test medium is clear water. In moderate sewage, the filling oxygen capacity can as 0.85 as design basis.  


Model air inflow  m3/h
Diving depth  
Oxygen filling volume KgO2/h Matching tube diameter

Water pump
Power kw
pump  flow rate

Air inlet
Φ mm
10 1-3 0.38 50 0.75 10 10-12 Φ40
YMSA-1.5 25 1-4 0.85 50 1.5 15 13-16 Φ50
YMSA-2.2 40 2-5 1.5 50 2.2 25 13-16 Φ50
YMSA-3.0 55 2-5 2.65 65 3 37 13-16 Φ63
YMSA-4.0 75 2-6 3.4 65 4 40 13-16 Φ75
YMSA-5.5 90 2-6 5.2 80 5.5 50 13-16 Φ75
YMSA-7.5 120 2-6 7.5 80 7.5 85 13-16 Φ75