Vacuum Rotary Evaporator Fractional Distillation Unit

Model NO.
1 Year
Lifting Distance
Rotary Speed
Henan, China (Mainland)
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Product Description

Model R1010 R1020 R1050
 Best Working environment 5~35
voltage 3phase, 220/380/50
Speed adjustment Digital display, dc stepless speed regulation
Rotary speed 20~130 20~110
Rotary motor Brushless 250
Temperature controlling  Digital display temperature control,RT-99
Maximum Vacuum  degree 399.9(under 3mmHg)
Rotary flask 10L 20L 50L
Flange size Ø125 Flange size Ø125 Flange size Ø125
Receiving flask 5*2 10*2 20*2
Condenser Vertical,double main condenser + auxiliary condenser, high efficiency triple-circulating condenser
Cooling area main condenser 0.84 main condenser 1.6 main condenser 1.86
secondary condenser 0.22 secondary condenser 0.39 secondary condenser 0.52
Evaporation capacity water≥5 water≥8 water≥15
alcohol≥9 alcohol≥16 alcohol≥35
Bath materials Stainless steel
Bath size Φ350×220 Φ450×260 Φ550×320
Lifting  Electric lifting
Lifting distance(mm) 0~160 0~190 0~180
Power(kW) 3 4 6.0(220V)
Dimension(mm) 920×550×1700 1250×600×2100 1320×770×2340

Features of Rotary Evaporator:

1.Rotating body is composed of a reliable three-phase asynchronous motor and a transducer control device; 
2.Double sealed by PTFE and fluorine rubber sealing ring to keep high vacuum degree, separate gas and liquid and maintain no backflow; 
3.Adopt main and vice efficient condenser, there has automatic switching device between vice condenser and receiving bottle. Below receiving bottle, equipping with tapping valve, which makes it convenient to recycle solvent and the recovery rate approach to 100%; 
4.Rotary bottle is connected by nut, that is easy to install and dismount; 
5.Continuously charging and recycling material; 
6.Vacuum system is equipped with vacuum meter, choose best working vacuum degree to low boiling point materials; 
7.Heating kettle is applicable for both water and oil, digital thermostat control and manual up and down, closed resistance wire heater, temperature control by K type transducer. Besides, heating groove can move left and right; 
8.Has the function of dry burning resistant protection and safe temperature loop; 
9.Smooth starting, can positive and negative inversion operate; 
10.Durable design, can choose plate bursting disk glass component as needed.

Corollary Equipment

1. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with circulating water vacuum pump to offer a vacuum environment for reduced pressure distillation, they are widely used for vacuum filtration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum degassing, etc..
2. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with GDSZ series high and low temperature circulating pump to quickly cooling or warming, the circulating pump is an efficient equipment for quick temperature adjustment. 
3. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with DLSB series low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump to conduct chemical reaction and medicine storage which requires low temperature environment.
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Q: Whats the difference between vertical and inclined condenser?

A: They have no difference essentially. Vertical condenser is gradually popular because of its small space usage and convenience for transportation and use. Most high-capacity instruments use vertical condenser.


Q: What factor decides the working efficiency of  rotary evaporator price?

A: For same type equipment, mainly includes: steam temperature, vacuum degree and cooling water temperature. Restricted by some materials thermolability, the steam temperature may have certain limitation when working, so high vacuum degree and low cooling water temperature are two main factors for efficiency improving.


Q: How to select all kinds of  Thermal Rotary Evaporator?

A: As for structure, our R series products all have excellent corrosion resistance ability and leakproofness ability. According to the solvent volume, 2L, 3L, 5Ls machine is fit for lab and sample test; 5L, 10L, 20Ls machine is fit for medium experiment; 20L, 50Ls machine is fit for medium experiment and production, especially suitable for the extraction of metal ionavoiding polluted material.

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