Hospital Medical Waste Sterilizer 5

Model NO.
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Stainless Steel
Total Power
One Year
Environmental Protection
Liying technology
Transport Package
L8355mm W2866mm H3300mm
Shangqiu Henan
HS Code
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Health care activities protect and save lives.But what about the waste and by-products that they generate?Biomedical waste management process can be expensive and difficult to set up for health care centers.An unsafe management can cause major issues:


Medical waste contains
potentially harmful
microorganisms which
could infect people


The World Health Organization
(WHO) estimates that 40%
of hepatitis cases and 2,5% of HIV
cases worldwide are caused
by occupational exposure


Treatment and disposal
of healthcare waste may
release pathogens and
toxic pollutants


Medical waste treatment with microwave disinfection equipment can solve the problem of medical waste infecting humans and polluting the environment

Microwave disinfection technology principle

Microwave antivirus is the result of microwave thermal effect and biological effect, which can make microwave energy and bacteria directly interact, rapid sterilization.

1.The thermal effect of microwave energy:Under certain intensity microwave field, the bacteria will be due to the absorption of polarized molecules can increase the temperature of microwave, so that the protein deformation, loss of biological activity.The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid temperature sterilization.

2.Non-thermal effects of microwave energy:High frequency electric fields change the polarized molecular structure, resulting in the loss of vitality or death of proteins and physiologically active substances in the microbes, and the special effects of conventional physical sterilization.

Technical characteristics

Microwave disinfection technology uses a microwave sterilization time is short, fast, penetrating ability, inside and outside the temperature uniformity, saving energy, disinfection effect of good characteristics.

In the microwave field, the cell structure is destroyed, destroying the cell inside and outside the material balance, causing cell death.

The combination of microwave and water vapor makes the disinfection effect more effective.

Microwave disinfection does not produce dioxin and malodorous gases, no waste water.

CE & ISO9001-2015 Certificate

Compare technologies LiYing Technology Autoclave Autoclave with a shedder Incinerator
(microwave process) (hot steam process) (hot steam process) (high-heat process)
Continuous process X X X
Integral shredding X X
Unrecognisable waste X
Volume of waste reduction X
Mass of waste reduction X X
Installation requirements Low High High High
Complexity of the installation Low Intermediate Intermediate High
Possibility of installation “in situ” X
Technology approval and recognition by countries all over the world High Intermediate High Low
Level of sterelization High Intermediate High High
Odours Low High Intermediate Intermediate
Level of noise Low Intermediate Intermediate High
Treatment of pathological and anatomical waste X
ROI High Low Low Low
Investment costs Intermediate Low Intermediate High
Operating costs Low High High High
Maintenance costs Low High High High
Labour costs Low High High High
Impact on the environment No Intermediate Intermediate High
Treated waste recyclable X X X
No contaminated rejection (such as water, steam) X X X
No risk related to pressurized vessel X X X
Risk for workforce/personnel health (no risk of toxic contaminants released into the air or the treated waste) No Intermediate Intermediate High
Detailed parameters
Dimensions 8.3m lenght x2.9m widthx3.3m high
Weight 13tons
Treatment type Pre-shredding with core-hearting microwave disinfection technology
Type of process Automatic continuous process
Processing capacity 300kg/hr
Emissions Zero emission
Energy consumption 117 kw ( 20° C at 1 atm )
Effectivness More than 6log10 disinfection
Required floor space 9m x 3m ( 6 m height )
Manpower requirements No specialized operator / 1 operator
Assembly and start-up One day assembly – start-up & training with our engineers

Solution adapted to:
1.Every medical waste producers


2.Any type of medical waste

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Dialysis Waste
  • Animal Tissues, Body Parts, and Carcasses
  • Human Tissues, Body Parts, and Limbs
  • Biological and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical
  • Needles, Syringes, and other Sharps
  • Research Waste 
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Surgery Waste
  • Pathology and Histology Samples
  • Aids and Hepatitis Waste
  • Isolation Waste
  • Cultures and Slides
  • Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags, and Associated Tubing
  • Animal Bedding
  • Packaging Materials
  • Gloves, and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection
  • Trace Chemotherapy/anti-neo plastic waste

About Us
Henan Liying Environmental Science and Technology Co., a commitment to medical waste harmless treatment technology research and development, equipment production and project investment and operation of the specialized companies, is a state-level high-tech enterprises and the National Environmental Protection Association member units. Companies in the “professional, dedicated, specifically” attitude, “harmless treatment of medical waste, for the benefit of future generations” as the core value, market-oriented, healthy and environmentally friendly, resource recycling-oriented, committed to In the medical waste treatment technology research and development, equipment production, project investment operations.
The company is located in the civil rights county high-tech development zone,  The company has a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright, research and development of microwave sterilization, carbonization pyrolysis and other medical waste disposal technology in the international leading level, through the GB / TI9001 international quality management system certification, CE certification by SGS, and has won the international Trade platform designated enterprise authorization certificate, scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate, science and technology SME certificate, China s environmental protection industry sustainable development key promotion project certificate. Investment, construction, operation or cooperation of municipal (county) medical waste disposal center in Shandong, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Lankao, Luyi, Changyuan, Jiangxi Yingtan, Guizhou Zhenfeng, Puan, Sands, Yunnan Tengchong and Fengqing Project experience, the successful solution to Shandong Heze, Qingdao, Liaocheng, Hunan Changde City, Jiangxi Jian City, Jiangsu Qidong City, Guizhou Anshun City and other medical waste emergency treatment problems. Production of equipment exported to the United States, Britain, Brazil, India, Japan, Russia and other countries.

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