High Precision Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Plate Bending Machine

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One overview

     The intelligent arc bending machine is the special arc bending equipment for subway chute is researched, developed and designed by ourselves Shandong YongHong machinery co., ltd.Using automatic compensation technology.The radius of curved arc can be adjusted according to the compensation of laser rangefinder to ensure the precision of curved arc.
Relative to other similar products at home and abroad, the product has a wider range of adaptability, can adapt to different types, different radius of curved radian, use detection feedback, automatic compensation ways to automatically adjust curved radius, it simplifies the operation, reduces the equipment using the difficulty, and can improve the curved precision equipment, with remarkable economic and social benefits.

Two  The principle of working

     Intelligent arc bending machine USES drive motor and reducer to directly connect with drive wheel,
The driving wheel drives each driven wheel to rotate through gear transmission, thus driving the groove to move forward. The deceleration ratio of all driving modes is fixed to ensure the groove to move forward according to the set speed.
In the middle of the equipment, a set of laser rangefinder is set between two driven wheels to detect the distance between the channel surface and the laser rangefinder, that is, it can reflect the change in the thickness of the channel
If the value is unchanged, continue to follow the set arc arc bending operation; If the value changes, according to the amount of change feedback to the servo motor control system to drive the arc bending, so as to automatically change and adjust the wheel set extension distance to adapt to the needs of the groove arc bending.
The self-locking function of the worm gear reducer equipped with the servo motor can effectively avoid the problem of inaccurate arc bending or equipment damage caused by spring back in the process of groove arc bending.

Three Product advantage

   1. The arc bending radius can be changed at any time according to the change of groove thickness by adopting automatic compensation technology, which effectively solves the problem of straight line generated by arc bending that cannot be solved by other arc bending equipment.
2.The transmission mode adopts coupling direct connection or gear meshing transmission to avoid chain transmission, belt transmission and other transmission ratio imprecise transmission mode, so as to ensure the groove moves forward at a stable speed and improve the detection accuracy, thus ensuring the arc bending accuracy.
 3.The bearings used in the outer bracket are all specially customized, and the outer ring of the bearing is thickened to improve the anti-extrusion capacity of the bearing and ensure the service life of the equipment.
4. The front and rear motion of the arc bending support driven by the servo motor is guided by the bilateral linear guide rail, which is accurate to ensure that the arc bending support can move forward and backward in accordance with the set trajectory.
 5.The worm gear reducer matched with the servo motor has the self-locking function, which can avoid the occurrence of problems such as the curve curve change caused by the rebound in the process of groove arc bending.
6.The outer parts of all rotating parts are equipped with a protective cover. The feeding end is equipped with a feeding platform, and the unloading end is equipped with a unloading platform. It is easy and safe for workers to operate, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers but also prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
7.The electrical control system can monitor the running condition of the equipment in real time for a long time by connecting the detection methods such as alarm indicator light.