Denim Laundry Factory Use for Jeans Bleaching Ozone Machine

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Ozone Generator Bleached Jeans
12 Months
Stainless Steel
Jiahuan Ozone
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Gunagdong China
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Denim Laundry Factory Use for Jeans Bleaching Ozone Machine

1.What is Ozone?

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria,viruses, mold,formaldehyde,and 

mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology. Ozones molecular structure is three oxygen atoms (O3).

2.How does ozone work?

Ozone destroys pathogens and odors by an oxidation process: one of the three oxygen atoms reacts and 

splits from the ozone molecule to oxidize matter with inherent oxidation demand. In so doing, the ozone molecule is transformed into oxygen. Any excess ozone is stable for a short time before decomposing back into oxygen.

The most common ozone applications include air and water purification as well as applications where ozone can fully or partially replace disinfectants. As opposed to most chemicals, ozone is safe to use

3.How does ozone remove ammonia or bad odor?

Ozone will be emitted into the air through corona discharge ,react and decompose with harmful gas such as odor,ammonia etc.If you can smell some Active oxygen flavour at 4-5 meters far from the ozone 

generator ,it means that you have made good disinfection effect of odor removal.According to 

authority detection,ozone can kill 99 % bacteria and virus.Ozone will reach very good effect of disinfection when bacteria is blow safe concentration(0.1PPM),which is 3 meters height,46mg per hour per square meter,it will do fortissimo sterilization with more than 99% disinfection rate.

Usually,disinfection effect will be better if has lower temperature,higher humidity.

4.Why is ozone a green technology?

Ozone is a green technology with many environmental benefits. It reduces our dependence on traditionally 

used, harmful chemicals such as chlorine and eliminates their hazardous disinfectant by- products
(DBPs). The only byproduct created by ozone applications is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the atmosphere. 
Ozone heve effective ability to disinfect in cold water,remove bad oder also saves energy.

5. Will Ozone hurt me?

Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard, we can notice with our sense ofsmell and dodge away or take actions to avoid further leakage.

So far there is no one dealth reported caused by ozone poisoning.


Denim only really comes to life when its faded. This happens naturally when you wear it (learn more about how and why here). However, getting a good fade can take years. Luckily, modern treatment processes allow us to speed up the process, and with innovative technologies and old-fashioned craftsmanship we have become experts in recreating authentically worn in jeans.

Denims Character Really Shines Through In the Laundry Room

The natural fade can be replicated in many ways. Depending on the desired outcome, we work with a number of different treatments. Each pair can go through as many as 16 different manual operations.

Overall Fading: Stonewashing and Ozone Treatment

For an even all-over fade, we use both traditional washing, either with or without the small pumice stones, and ozone treatment. The latter is an innovative laundry method in which a gas, in this case ozone, replaces water to lighten the colour of the denim. Ozone laundering, which is a cornerstone of our Low Impact Denim initiative, helps us reach our goals of reducing water and energy consumption by at least 40% and 30%, respectively, in the treatment process.

Local Fades: Bleaching, Sanding, and New Innovations

For local fades, a bleaching agent can be applied with brush or spray. The process requires meticulousness and is repeated until the perfect result is achieved. One of the most recognisable treatments is the moustache effect on the thighs of the jeans. These characteristic lines, also known as whiskers, are normally made with sandpaper or laser.

As youve probably realised by now, we go a long way to recreate the naturally worn in look in our jeans. We even replicate the 3D-effect of the natural creases; a waxy fluid substance called resin is applied to the jeans to keep creases formed on mannequins in place. The jeans go through a large, industrial oven at 160°C which hardens the resin.


The Final Touch: Trimming

Even though the processes may be the same, no two jeans will look alike in the end; thats the beauty of it all! The jeans have been given their signature looks and the only things missing are the very last touch. This is added during the trimming and finishing step where the remaining patches, buttons, and hangtags are attached and the jeans are packed in boxes.

Key Points of the Entire Process

There you have it; a pair of JACK & JONES jeans is created. Lets make a quick recap of what weve covered in this series:

- First, the denim is made. Cotton from different regions (with different qualities) is blended, spun, dyed, woven, and pre-shrunk.

- Next, the unwashed denim is cut (based on computerised patterns) and stitched into jeans.

- Finally, as youve seen in this article, the jeans are washed and treated at industrial laundries to get the unique, worn in look that most consumers prefer. Unwashed jeans basically skip this step and go directly to the final trimming step.



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