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(1)This machine can simulate different environmental conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high temperature, low humidity, low temperature, high humidity, high temperature and low temperature.

(2)It is also equipped with high-accuracy program design control and fixed-point control system for easy operation and learning to provide the best test performance.

(3)It is mainly used for the adaptability test of electronics, electrical appliances, food, automobile, rubber, plastic, metal and other products, parts and materials in storage, transportation and use under high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity environment; it is all kinds of electronics, electricians, Electrical equipment, plastics and other raw materials and devices for cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, dry resistance test and quality control equipment reliability test equipment; especially suitable for optical fiber, LCD, crystal, inductor, PCB, battery, computer, mobile phone, rubber, High-temperature, low-temperature and moisture-resistant cycle test of plastics and other products; new perfect design, high-quality appearance, systematic extraction of Japan, West Germany advanced technology, design and manufacture of balanced temperature and humidity control system (BTHC), PID mode controls SSR, so that the heating and humidifying amount of the system is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

(4)It adopts full capillary and automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, which is more stable and reliable than the expansion valve system, accurate temperature and humidity control, and temperature rise and fall. Fast, smooth and even, saving users valuable time.

2.Operation control field
(1)Display mode: Chinese and English touch / touch screen
(2)Test method: high and low temperature operation and storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test
(3)Control panel: temperature controller + humidity controller + power button + lighting button + buzzer alarm

3.Standard basis
3.1 Product performance standards
(1)GB/11158-2008 “High temperature test box technical conditions”;
(2)GB/T10589-2008 “Cryogenic test chamber technical conditions”;
(3)GB/T5170.2-2008 “Temperature Test Equipment”, etc..

3.2 Satisfactory test method
(1)GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC60068-2-1:2007)”Test Ab: Low Temperature Test Method”;
(2)GB/T2423.2-2008(IEC60068-2-2:2007)”Test Bb: High Temperature Test Method”, etc.;

4.Product parameters

Model GAG-E201-408
Inner box size (W*D*H) 1000x1000x800mm
Carton Size (W*D*H) 1550x2100x1200mm
Temperature range -20ºC~150ºC,-40ºC~150ºC,-70ºC~150ºC
Humidity range 20% R·H to 98% RH
Weight about 230KG
Temperature and humidity deviation ±0.3 °C, ±2% R·H
Temperature and humidity difference ± 2 ° C, ± 3% R · H
Heating rate 2.5 ° C / min
Cooling rate 0.7~1.2°C/min
Humidity speed +2%R.H /-3%R.H
Refrigerant R23/R404A
Compressor Taikang, France
Microcomputer & Display Youyi E-560/600
Drive motor Fengyu
Temperature and Humidity Sensor Japan
Equipped with RS-232 can be connected to the computer to output test data to save

5.Core component
Cooling system→Electrical system→Humidification system→Heating system

6.Installation environment and requirements

Installation site

1. There is no strong vibration around the equipment site, no strong electromagnetic field interference, no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances, no direct sunlight or other heat sources;
2, the equipment should be placed horizontally in a well-ventilated test room, there should be sufficient space around for operation and maintenance;
3. The installation site should be level and well ventilated;
4. There should be drainage floor drain near the equipment (within 2m from the refrigeration unit);
5. The ground bearing capacity of the site is not less than 800kg/m2;
6. There is no strong vibration around the equipment;
7. There is no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment;
8. There are no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment;
9. Appropriate use and maintenance space is left around the equipment.

Installation environmental conditions
1, the ambient temperature: 0 ° C ~ 35 ° C;
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 85% RH;
3. Air pressure: 86kPA ~ 106kPa.
Power requirement 1, single phase 220V ± 10%; 50 ± 10Hz; three;
2. Total equipment power: about 5.5kw;
3. The square of the total power line diameter is: 10mm2;
Equipment storage conditions 1. When the equipment is not working, the temperature of the environment should be kept within 0~+45°C (not frozen);
2. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0 °C, the water remaining in the equipment should be drained to prevent the water in the pipeline from freezing and damaging the pipeline.
Water requirements 1. Bottled pure water or distilled water, resistivity ≥500Ω.

1) The temperature and humidity sensor is set at the air outlet of the air conditioner box
2) Temperature and humidity uniformity: measured data at the laboratory geometric center point, temperature and humidity
3) The above data performance, measurement and calculation methods refer to the methods of GB5170.2 and GB5170.5 to measure the temperature and humidity control range:

7.Product performance

Performance characteristics

1. Arc shape and matte line treatment, high-quality appearance, and flat anti-reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable;
2. The system extracts the essence of advanced technology from Japan and West Germany, designs and manufactures the balanced temperature and humidity control system (BTHC), and controls the SSR by PID method, so that the heating and humidifying amount of the system is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time;
3, using full capillary, automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, more stable and reliable than the expansion valve system, accurate temperature and humidity control, rapid, stable and uniform temperature rise and fall, saving valuable time for users.
4, fully enclosed structure, using a powerful circulation motor, low-pitched cryostat;
5. It is equipped with anti-vibration table mats to keep the machine quiet and stable during operation;
6, using Philips lighting window lights, built-in high temperature demisting device, easy to observe the test of the product inside the box;
7, with a variety of protection devices, performance is safe and reliable.

Sample limit

(This test equipment is prohibited from being stored below)
(This test equipment is prohibited from being stored below)
1. Testing and storage of olefins, explosives, and volatile substances;
2. Testing and storage of corrosive substance samples;
3. Testing and storage of biological samples;
4. Test and storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples;
5. Testing and storage of radioactive material samples;
6. Test and storage of samples of highly toxic substances;
7. Test and storage of samples that may produce highly toxic substances during testing or storage.


Standard configuration
1. 2 layers of movable sample holder, bearing capacity (uniform): 20kg/layer;
2. Test hole: the test hole on the left side of the machine body is 50 mm1, with 1 stainless steel hole cover and 1 silicone plug.
3, standard test non-woven 5 pieces
4, the power cord 1
5, spare fuse 1
6, 1 instruction manual
Box door 1. Hinged door, the door hinge is on the left side of the box (when facing the front of the box);
2, the door is equipped with electric heating (automatic adjustment) anti-frosting, anti-condensation double-layer insulating glass observation window (300 × 400) on the door with a box of internal lighting (high-efficiency long-life LED light source).
safety equipment a, power leakage protector
b, anti-dry burning water shortage shutdown protection
c, compressor high voltage protection
d, compressor overheat protection
e, compressor overload protection

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9.Company Certification

10.Company profile

11.Service Process:

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12.Packaging & Shipping

1.Inside is covered with plastic film before we put them into the plywood, which has good transparency, impact resistance, tasteless and prevent moisture corrosion.
2.Outside is strong plywood and accord with export standards.
3.We can ship testing equipment according to customer request.