Cone Calorimeter Testing Machine

Model NO.
FTech-ISO 5660
ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354, BS 476 PT. 15, Nfp
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Wooden Package
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Heat release is the core parameters to assess the fire behavior of materials and products; TESTechs Cone calorimeter to meet all existing standards (including ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354, NFPA 264, 
CAN ULC 135 and BS 476 Part 15), And it include the system such as heat release, mass loss, smoke generation, etc. 
This flexible feature is the cone calorimeter many advantages in one. 
Cone Calorimeter test theory is based on the principle that the burn calories is proportional to amount of oxygens consumption. 1KG burned oxygen will produce 13.1 MJ/kg of gas heat release. Test gas heat emission, ignition timing, oxygen consumption rate, CO/CO2 generation rate, the gas flow will be measured all. Cone Calorimeter DAQ system can help users to easily control the entire test. 19 “touch screen can help realize the automate testing and reducing installation space. In addition, after users setting up the virtual temperature real fire conditions, who could also change the sample temperature, the temperature rise time to test. This method is similar to obtain real fire environment the test results. 
Model: FTech-ISO5660
• ISO 5660: 
• ASTM E 1354: 
• BS 476 PT. 15: 
• NFPA 264, 
Structural features
1.1, 19-inch standard cabinet integrated design, elegant, easy to operate; 
1.2, Conical Heater - 230V, 5000W, the heat output of 0 ~ 120 kW / m2; 
1.3, 19 “touch-screen computer controlling the entire testing process; 
1.4, Automatic ignition system, the automatic measurement of the burning time; 
1.5, 3 pieces K type thermocouples and 3 PID temperature controller for temperature regulation; 
1.6, Split gate - To protect the sample area prior to testing, to insure the initial measurement is stable; The operator could have extra time before the start of the test system to detect. For flammable sample, if there is no opening and closing mechanism, it is easy to burn prematurely. This extra time is very important for the operator; 
1.7, The sample holder - sample size of 100mm X 100mm, thickness not exceed 50mm; 50mm X50m; The central portion of the sample is exposed to the heating cone center deviation ± 1%; 
1.8, Weight system - quality is measured by the strain gauge load cell test, accuracy up to 0.1g. Mechanical stop fixture to avoid damage overweight, to ensure that equipment longevity; Weighing range 0 ~ 3kg; 
Ignition System
2.1, 10kV spark ignition, with safety cease-fire devices. 
2.2, Automatic ignition system; Automatic timing; Expire automatically turn off; 
Exhaust System
3.1, The axial fan, stainless steel exhaust pipe, the diffusion plate, hoods, exhaust pipes, orifice flow meter and a thermometer composition; 
3.2, All the fixture is made of stainless steel to prolong their life. Including the hood, the gas sample sampling needle, exhaust fan (adjustable flow, 0g / s to 50g / s, the accuracy of at least 0.1g / s), and
3.3, Orifice flow tester (thermocouple and differential pressure sensors). Work flow is 24 l/s
Gas sampling system
4.1, Gas sampling system includes an annular sampler probe, suction pump, particulate filter, a cold trap, exhaust valve, water filters and CO2 filter
4.2, Three filters; Minimum filtration accuracy is 0.5um
4.3, Freezing cold trap; Air-conditioning compressor refrigeration systems; Controlling the temperature 0 ~ 5 ºC
4.4, Suction pump, Flow rate: 33L / min, vacuum: 700 Hg, pressure: 2.5 bar
4.5 Drying cylinder; Filter the water and impurities; 
4.6, The flow controller to control the inspiratory air flow; 
4.7, The sampler has 12 holes opposite direction of gas flow; Built-in dust filter; Hoods 685mm at distance; 
Measurement System
5.1, Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, range between 0-25%; Linear response; Imports Britain Servomex oxygen sensor; 
5.2, With a laser system measures the smoke density, using a photodiode, 0.5 MW helium-neon laser, primary and backup photodetectors. At the same time with the positioning bracket and 0.3, 0.8 neutral density filter used for calibration (optional)
5.3, High-precision load sensor measuring the weight change of the test process the test material. Test range 0-3000g, resolution 0.01g. The actual requirements of the test weight <500g
5.4, Temperature control system: PID temperature control, temperature thermocouples for measuring the radiation cone 3, the diameter of 1mm; 
5.5, Exhaust flow: Exhaust pipe inner diameter 57mm ±1mm sharp edges on both sides of the pressure plate to measure the micro-differential pressure; Transmitter is connected to the control system; 
Calibration System
6.1, The United States imported Metherm thermopile type heat flow meter - Design range 0 ^ 100k W / m², the accuracy of heat flow meter is ± 3%, repeatability is ± 0.5%
6.2 Burner correction system - calibrate the instrument test the heat release rate, 99.5% pure methane; Methane mass flow meter precise control of the flow of methane; 
6.3, With a water cooling system for heat flow meter; 
6.4, With a square calibration burner; 
Operating system
7.1, Labview control system, user-friendly, easy to operate, precise control; 
7.2 PC via RS485 interface communication module and PLC communication link for data transmission and motion control
7.3, PID temperature control module and power adjustment module links, thermostatically regulated by a programmable controller; 
7.4, Signal acquisition and processing module and the air volume control module circuit linked by a programmable logic controller; 
7.5, The system provides query capabilities. The system automatically test sample number and temperature profile data stored in the database system; 
Technical parameters
8.1, Conical heater rated power 5000W, heat output 0 ~ 100 kW/
8.2, The sample weighing range 0 ~ 2000g; Precision: 0.1g
8.3, Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, the concentration range of 0 to 25%, an oxygen analyzer is linear response, Britain Servomex oxygen sensor; 10% to 90% response time of less than 12s; Output noise does not exceed 50ppm; . Reproduce the measured values lower than 100ppm, 
8.4 Infrared CO2 analyzer range: 0 to 10%; Accuracy of ± 0.01%; 
8.5 Exhaust fan flow 0 ~ 50g / s adjustable, precision 0.1g / s
8.6, The compressor works: Cold trap: 0 to 5 degrees; 
8.7, Import diaphragm pump, flow rate: 33 l / min
8.8 Thermopile type heat flow meter designed range 0 ^ 100k W / m², heat flow meter accuracy is ± 3%; Repeatability is ± 0.5%
8.9, The standard detector color accuracy ± 5%, output linearity (transmission) <1%, absolute permeability <1%; 
Test data: 
9.1, The heat release rate, total oxygen consumption; CO2 generation amount; 
9.2, Iignition time, Flue gas flow, C coefficient, extinguish time; 
9.3, The critical ignition heat
9.4, Mass loss rate
9.5, Smoke release rate