China Industrial Chiller Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump

Model NO.
Application Fields
Application Machine
Precision Machine Tool
Product Name
Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)
Lowest Temp 
Opening Diameter mm
Flow Q
30 L/Min
Transport Package
Packed in Strong Wooden Case
HS Code
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China industrial chiller Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump

Product Description

DLSB-5 series low-temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, also known as low temperature pump, low temperature circulating pump, low temperature cooling water circulating pump, water tank volume is 5L, min no-load temperature is between -15ºC~-123ºC, best environment temperature is 5ºC~25ºC. It adopts PT100 temperature sensor, large measurement range, excellent pressure-resistant properties, use chlorodifluoromethane(R22) as refrigerant, excellent refrigeration effect. DLSB-5 series of low-temperature cooling liquid circulating pump is a low temperature liquid refrigerant equipment which takes mechanical forms to refrigerate. It has the function of providing a cryogenic liquid, low temperature water bath. It can be combined with the rotary evaporator, glass reaction kettle, vacuum freezing drying oven, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments to proceed multi-functional chemical reaction or store drugs under low temperature condition. DLSB-5 can be provided to meet the dual requirements of cooling water of temperature and pure water. The equipment is especially suitable for the need of keeping working under the condition of low temperature , chemical, biological, physical laboratory, medicine and health care, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, universities and colleges, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering laboratory equipment necessary(large capacity low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump can be customized according to users need).


1.Air-cooled and hermetically sealed compressor units (import) with dependable quality;
2.The dedicated and high-quality relays, protective devices and capacitors of the refrigerating units;
3.Digital Read Out of temperature and microprocessor controller for temperature, simple and easier to see;
4.Refrigerating capacity is large, cooling speed is fast, greatly improve the working efficiency.
5.In the lack of water sources, water quality, water pressure, water temperature is bad in the environment and under the high temperature working conditions, which can effectively protect the normal use of all kinds of precision equipment and instruments.
6.Circulation system adopts anticorrosion materials, which has the function of antirust and anticorrosion, cryogenic liquid pollution prevention.
7.It can effectively ensure the normal use of all kinds of precision instruments under the working conditions such as lacking water, the poor quality, pressure and temperature of water, and high temperature;
8.The flow of circulating pump can be either adjusted or customized, which has greatly met the actual needs of different customers;
9.All models of this machine can be matched reasonably between the low temperature and the cooling capacity or capacity basing on the requirements of customers.
10.It can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporators, fermentation tanks, chemical reactors, freeze-drying equipments, pharmaceutical reactors, etc.);
11.This equipment combines circulation with cooling function as a whole, which saves much space.

Technical parameters

Models Refrigeration performance Cycle performance Temperature performance Operating conditions Size(mm)
Lowest Temp 
Cooling capacity
Flow Q Lift
Temp range
Temp precision
Environment L W H
Temp(ºC) Humidity
DLSB-5/10 5 -15 1248-319 30 L/min 4-6m -10 ±2 220 25 (60-80)%
500 370 600
DLSB-5/20 5 -24 1248-319 -20 ±2 220 25 500 370 600
DLSB-5/25 5 -27 1814-447 -25 ±2 220 25 545 370 640
DLSB-5/30 5 -33 2653-627 -30 ±2 220 25 545 370 640
DLSB-5/40 5 -42 1956-602 -40 ±2 220 25 600 410 670
DLSB-5/60 5 -62 1956-330 -60 ±2 220/380 25 680 500 780
DLSB-5/80 5 -82 1956-180 -80 ±2 220/380 25 700 650 900
DLSB-5/120 5 -123 3808-160 -120 ±2 220/380 25 950 710 94

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1. The period, scope and condition of the warranty?

We offer 1 years warranty on the date of shipping from China. During the warranty time, because of manufacturing&quality problem, we offer replacement, maintenance service.

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Please send us email of the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better. we will find the 
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We will according the actual situation to choose the suitable shipping ways. For small parts we shippin by Express.
4. What are the specifications and models?
We have single-layer and jacketed glass reactors with a capacity of 1L-200L and can be customized for explosion-proof upgrades.

5. Could you do customized for us?
We are a manufacturer that can provide all kinds of customized services. 

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