Air-Cooled Biomass Burner for Agricultural Products and Food Industry

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Air-cooled biomass burner for agricultural products and food industry

       What we see now: China is in the midst of an energy revolution, and the country has banned coal-fired boilers and other equipment that burn coal for less than 20 tons.If the use of electricity, oil, gas instead of coal.Although environmental protection, but the cost is too high, the operating cost increased by 2 to 4 times, so now many customers choose to use biomass pellet fuel instead of coal, but with the wide application of biomass pellet fuel, pellet fuel is more and more scarce, the price is more and more expensive.

      Wood chips, particle combustion machine was born, completely solved the problem, the combustion machine can burn wood chips, also can burn wood particles, greatly reduce the user running costs!

      Wood chip particle burner changes the forest waste, waste for high quality gas, no harmful emissions, the protection of limited fossil resources, the use of renewable energy, in line with the world, especially in energy saving and emission reduction of our developing countries.

Product features:
1, long service life: our machine biomass gasification indoor bravery is to use a 1 # super refractory casting molding, no seams, and a unique manufacturing process, resistant to high temperature over 2000 degrees, and it has high hardness, resistance to erosion, the characteristics of the gasification indoor bile service life of more than five years, if cooperate with water-cooled design, the service life of up to 15 years.

2. High thermal efficiency and sufficient output:
 A, because our gasification chamber is made of unique 1# high-temperature resistant materials, it can ensure that the gasification chamber can be used at high temperature for a long time.So no water is needed to cool the gasification chamber.Reduce heat loss.Therefore, the thermal efficiency is greatly improved.And the liner is a one-time pouring molding, no seams, so that the heat loss to minimize.In addition, the heat preservation effect of combustion machine is very good, and greatly reduce the heat loss.
B, unique boiling semi-gasification combustion mode makes fuel combustion more complete.More quickly.
C our company follows the principle of thermal energy design, and can completely reach or exceed the rated heat production of the equipment in the combustion design and production.The output.

3. High degree of automation: the automatic control panel developed by our company enables the biomass combustion machine to operate with one key, which is convenient and does not require special care.The combustion engine size conversion function can meet the users different fire demand.And no safety hazards, low failure rate, good stability.

4. Safety: our company has independently developed semi-automatic or full-automatic material separation valve, which can cut off the connection between the material box and the gasification room and completely isolate the fuel channel when the combustion machine is short of materials and stops the furnace.Play the role of air isolation, and then with the design of closed material box, there is no risk of tempering.

5. Unique appearance design: the overall design is neat and beautiful.And has a special maintenance door, maintenance is quite convenient.

6, energy conservation and environmental protection: the most important feature of biomass combustion machine is low operating cost, no pollution, environmental protection benefits.No black smoke emission.Sulfur dioxide and carbon oxide are almost zero, and flue gas can achieve dust-free emission after dust removal.


Biomass Pellet Burner ( Air Cooling )
model Unit HJG-300-G
Rated thermal power Kcal 200000
 Efficiency   95%
Power consumption Kw/hr 0.75
length Mm 2050
wide Mm 850
high Mm 1500
weight Kg 720
Fuel consumption Kg/kr 50

Background Technology of Biomass Pellets Burner
      Recently, as electricity and fuel shortages, electricity prices, rising oil prices and other energy condition of tension, as well as the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, various industry began the use of renewable energy consciousness gradually strengthened, including the use of biomass energy is the most feasible solution. Biomass is the most widespread material on earth, it includes all animals, plants and microorganisms as well as life by these substances derived, excretion and metabolism of many organic matter. All kinds of biomass have a certain energy. With biomass as the carrier, is produced by biomass energy, biomass energy. Biomass energy is one of the solar energy in the form of chemical energy stored in the biological form of energy, directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of plants. Plants for photosynthesis of the earths energy consumption, accounting for 0.2% of the radiation of the sun to the earths total, the proportion is not big, but the absolute value is amazing: photosynthesis of energy consumption is 40 times the total energy consumption.

Biomass fuel

Scope of application of biomass burner
Chemical and pharmaceutical: Manufacture&dry
painting industry:bake coating&solidified spray
Textile, printing,dyeing,non woven enterprises:heat setting, thermosol dyeing,bake,hot air stenter
Foundry industry:dry welding rod&solder
Building material industry:dry wood&wood-based panel&laminates&plasterboard&glassfiber product
Abrasives industry:dry grinding wheel&thermal insulation material&fiberglass&aluminosilicate fiber&FBT etc
Agriculture products and food industry:bake/dry coffee&tea&tobacco&vegetable&grain&noodles&seafood&bean etc
Heating engineering:heating for factory, civil building,etc